We combine technology and detailed data analysis to manage large-scale advertising campaigns and build products.

The Numbers


Keywords in our DB


Impressions Per Day


Redirects Per Day


Countries We Advertise To


Servers across 4 AWS Regions

32 TB

TB Data Stored

The Technology

Technology is at the heart of what we do at Scramble. We allow our developers and analysts the freedom to chose the technology they think will best solve a particular problem and we will always encourage you to try something new. If you believe it is the right tool for the job and can convince us then we’ll use it!

Our strong knowledge of Ruby allows us to iterate fast on tools built in Rails and Sinatra, and we use Node.js to power a high-traffic geo-distributed tracking system. We're also not afraid to spike out ideas in other languages, in the past using Go, Erlang, JRuby and Clojure.

Our years of experience maintaining our own infrastructure has paired well with the rise of SaaS and PaaS products, meaning we have more time to focus on development and using tools such as Amazon Redshift and Amazon Cloudsearch for data analysis.

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